AWBF 2017 Highlights Video is Out

The 2017 Video Is Out

Our veteran film maker, Joe Shemesh of Stormfront Film, has emerged from the editing room with the latest highlights video – for the MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2017. Joe has captured some great images both ashore and on the water. There’s some exciting match racing between local favourite Gnome (white hull) and Dutch guest Oranje (sail 56, orange hull) and you can see the big boats fly in the Wrest Point Cup for historic ketches, with Julie Burgess, Yukon and Rhona H battling for the honours in choppy conditions. There’s great time-lapse photography of the Dutch boat building crew working at the Wooden Boat Centre in Franklin and of course the hilarious finale to the Quick ‘n’ Dirty Boat Building Challenge. Check it out on Vimeo with this link:


One noticeable upgrade is our use of professional drone pilots like Stu Gibson, the renowned Tasmanian surf and kiteboarding photographer. Stu made it possible to capture close-up thrills on the water, far out in the River Derwent, as we’ve never done before. Drone photography at big events has to be done with the tightest safety standards and it’s great to be working with pros. Check out Stu’s other work at his website:


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  1. Hi Paul and staff. In 2016, MV Pelican (a regular exhibitor at AWBF) voyaged from Melbourne to Lord Howe Island and return.
    The voyage is documented in 3 essays; number2 is the most interesting and relevant. If you agree, I will send any or all for consideration to publish, incl. photos. Kind regards, John Marks, 0407 546 235.

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