Why Is the AWBF Newsletter Fuzzy?

Good question.

Many readers have pointed out the images in the AWBF newsletter do not look their best on a phone or tablet screen.  We have some terrific photographers on the team and we wouldn’t want you to think it’s anything to do with the quality of the pictures – it’s an electronic enigma we are trying hard to fix.  We use an industry-standard program called WordPress to lay out the articles and photographs in each edition.  Then we pass that on to an automated mailing service called MailChimp.  MailChimp allows you to sign up to the newsletter and receive it automatically once it is ready, but for some reason, the photographs do not reproduce well on the smaller screens.

Feature Vessels, from l-r: Enterprize, Tenacious, Windeward Bound, Young Endeavour, escorted by the Egeria (centre) Parade of Sails, AWBF 2017, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Not what we’re looking for – fuzzy, poor quality image from the automatic mailing.

We apologise for this and we are working on a solution.  Please be patient – there aren’t many of us here in the ‘off season’ and sometimes other jobs get in front of our publishing schedule.  In the meantime, we urge you to log on to the site directly by using this link: http://awbf.com.au  Even on a tablet or phone, you’ll see noticeably better quality images and of course, on a laptop or your home computer, they will look even better. Choose ‘View in Browser’ if that option is available on your phone.

Look for the release of the 2017 AWBF Highlights video shortly.  Film maker Joe Shemesh, of Storm Front Film, has captured the best shots afloat and ashore and compiled them in a short, exciting 3-minute tour of all that’s great about the festival. We are just tidying up the credits and will serve it up on our newsletter page and on our website soon.  Meanwhile, check out a YouTube search for ‘Australian Wooden Boat Festival’ (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=australian+wooden+boat+festival+2017) to find us in the top 10 spots, with some great footage captured by festival fans on the site.

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