Floating Shed returns to AWBF 2017

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Can we have another Floating Shed, please?

A Floating Shed, really? Lots of wonderful ideas are raised at our project manager meetings, particularly in the ‘even’ year in between festivals. Not all of these ideas eventuate. Some need too much budget, some may not be suitable and some special ideas, after much thought are chosen to become part of the festival program.

When Life Member Cathy Hawkins has an idea for the next festival, it is given careful consideration. After all, Cathy has been helping to steer the Good Ship AWBF from the beginning.

At a planning meeting in 2016 Cathy asked if we could have another floating shed. Just like the one which came down from Paynesville for the AWBF 2011.

‘Surely we can build a floating shed in Tasmania!’ suggested Cathy.

So a plan was hatched.

We were fortunate to find Bill Lawson, a retired engineer and wooden boat enthusiast to lead the construction. (Bill also displayed his yacht Moonraker at the festival.)

Bill’s first task was to locate a suitable barge. Prince of Wales Marine have a 6m x 3m work barge in current survey – so Sabre 2 was the ideal choice.

An engineering friend Tony Hurd designed a shed to fit Sabre. The design allows for the shed to be dis-assembled when not in use.

AWBF approached local building firm Clennett’s Mitre 10, who generously agreed to supply the materials for the shed.

Bill recruited builder Kevin Bowkett and with help from a few volunteers, the shed started to take shape in the workshop of WOW Floors of Mornington. Floating Shed

Rory Byrne of Seafood Training Tasmania kindly agreed to supply skippers for the floating shed. This kept the project compliant and safe. After all there were many classic boats in the harbour and we didn’t want to damage any of them.

The propulsion was a Torqeedo Cruise electric outboard loaned by Torqeedo Power Equipment and local Yanmar and Torqeedo agents Spectrum Engineering.

Sadly, the wind kept the Floating Shed tied up for some time during the festival. Nonetheless, it proved to be a great bandstand, and many visitors enjoyed the entertainment.

The construction, assembly and dis-assembly were all recorded by Bob LeRoi, another retired engineer. So it should all go back together for AWBF 2019.

Thanks also to the Bellerive Yacht Club for the use of their facilities to assemble the shed.



AWBF thanks our sponsors and volunteers for their generous support of the Floating Shed project.

Tim Oxley, Project Manager

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  1. Some years ago sheds like this appeared around Gundagai. I believe they were build by a land owner to help the unfortunate and travelling stockman who fell on hard times, The only difference was these had a corrugated iron fire place built on them for the cold weather.

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