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We are all used to using Internet websites these days, from doing your personal banking to comparing reviews on a new washing machine, booking a holiday or chasing down that elusive part for your boat.  Spare a thought for the clever people who build these websites – we’ve met a lot of them recently!  AWBF, Inc. is working on a completely new website to be released in time for the 2019 MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival.  We can’t wait for February 2019, of course, because soon we will be opening Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for Boats Afloat and Boats Ashore, as well as registering volunteers and exhibitors for the four-day festival.  Our website must be able to do a great many things: help boat owners to secure a berth, help people with their travel plans and accommodation, provide a preview of the festival program and welcome volunteers who would like to get involved.  The AWBF website has to look good, be easy to use and load up onto your screen quickly.  It also has to handle payments, answer questions and get you in contact with us when you need it.

The Technical Crew

All of these things are like the proverbial swan on a lake.  In order to look good and work smoothly, there’s an awful lot of footwork going on under the surface.  We’re indebted to technical wizard Eftihios ‘Effy’ Zavros, web designer Sean Ravenwood, IT-savvy board member Chris Palmer and office manager Bronnie Hansson for toiling through hundreds of lines of code and pages of text to make sure the new website is fully functional in time for beta testing to be arranged by Peter Higgs.

We hope to be able to invite you to take the new website for a spin when we release our next newsletter in mid-April.  Watch this space!

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    1. Sorry, Rocky, we’re doing this in-house before we open to the world. Website goes live 15 April and we’ll be happy to take feedback.

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