AWBF General Manager’s Log – October 2015

Greetings, All.

Thank you for your amazing response to the new format Australian Wooden Boat Festival News Blog.  When we opened the sign-up page and asked you to renew your subscription, the needles flew off the gauges with almost 1000 registrations received in the first 72 hours.  It’s great to know that you are following AWBF events and that you found the new publication worth reading.  We’ll try to keep up the promise of more lively articles, faster turn-around time for your news stories and the inside tips on what’s happening in the lead-up to the 2017 festival. Continue reading “AWBF General Manager’s Log – October 2015”

Classic Wooden Boat Building

Tasmanian boat builder Ned Trewartha at the Shipwright’s Village at the 2015 MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival.

In a large shed on the banks of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel in southern Tasmania, a traditional boat builder uses the old methods and rare materials to craft  small boats of exquisite finish.  Some argue that these boats are as much art as functionality and Ned Trewartha does tend to blur the line between the two.

Photo: Kim Rodahl
Rare Tasmanian timbers are beautifully finished
Rare Tasmanian timbers are beautifully finished

‘Ned Trewartha is one of the rare true artists. His boats have soul. All good boats seem somehow to be more than the sum of their parts and Ned’s especially have a real quality which sets them apart.’ – Iain Oughtred, designer

Christian Willing is the proud conservator of the 10-foot wooden boat ‘Talisman’. He was good enough to share some photos of what he describes as a ‘museum quality’ New Trewartha boat.

‘Talisman was built in 2014 by Ned Trewartha at Gordon, Tasmania. The brief was to construct (as much as reasonably possible) a boat of museum quality. The dinghy is for display only – it will not go into the water. Talisman is built to a design by Battery Point shipwright and boat builder Bill Foster.


  • Huon pine – planking, knees, keel and keelson, stem, floorboards, transom, rowlock blocks, oars
  • Celery Top pine – ribs, thwart risers, keel, gunwales
  • King Billy pine – thwarts, stern and forward benches
  • Fastenings – silicon bronze screws, copper nails and roves
  • Cradle – Tasmanian Oak and Oregon Pine
  • The specialty Tasmanian timbers were sourced from sawmills on the West Coast of Tasmania

‘The transom is made out of a single Huon pine plank of exceptional quality. The floorboards and planking are all book-matched feature grade Huon Pine. The thwart and quarter knees are book matched from one piece of grown (curved) Huon pine. The benches are cut from a single length of King Billy pine to achieve a consistent grain and colour. The outer stem, or bow, is a single piece of grown Huon pine chosen for its compression, strength and beauty.’

Classic Wooden Boat

Ned makes more than gorgeous boats, he’s also an artist and luthier (a craftsman who makes stringed instruments).  His favourite form is the ukulele, traditional instrument of the Hawaiian Islands.  Ned prefers to call his ‘euculeles’ as a nod to their Australian provenance.

‘They all have beautiful quarter sawn King Billy Pine tops, which gives them a lovely mellow tone. The back and sides are a choice of  Tasmanian timbers: Myrtle, Fiddleback Tas Oak or Blackwood.  The necks are Tas Oak; fretboards and bridges are either Tallowwood (recycled from a 60 year old piece of farm machinery) or Victorian Red gum. Internal bracing and tone bars are a combination of King Billy Pine and Sitka Spruce.’

Ned Trewartha, luthier

Photos by Kim Rodahl.  Read more at and don’t miss Ned’s video interview with film maker Joe Shemesh on the AWBF News Blog here.

Windeward Bound Needs a Mate!

The Windeward Bound Trust is very excited to announce a new, full-time, salaried position of First Mate aboard the brigantine Windeward Bound. This non-liveaboard position offers award benefits, above-award salary, and professional training and development opportunities. It includes periods of maintenance and daysailing from our home port of Hobart, as well as regular sea-going voyages throughout the year.

This position combines traditional First Mate duties with a focus on our award-winning youth development programs. The ideal candidate meets all of the below minimum requirements, and has an interest in helping to grow and improve the quality of our maritime education daysails, sail-training voyages, and our maritime volunteer and scholarship programs.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Master <24 M up to 200 NM (Master <35 and/or STCW ’95 a bonus)*
  • MED III (MED II a bonus)*
  • MROCP (Satellite endorsement and GMDSS a bonus)

Minimum skills & experience:

  • “Fore and aft” and “Square rig” experience as a watch-keeper or Master to endorsement level
  • Previous experience in the role of First Mate
  • Proven experience working with young people
  • Basic computer skills

Other minimum requirements:

  • Average weight for height**
  • Able to comfortably lift own weight**
  • Able to work at heights
  • Non-smoker, non-drug user**
  • Current Australian Driver’s License
  • AMSA Medical or ability to acquire
  • Working with Children Registration or ability to acquire
  • Australian permanent residency or citizenship

*Must be Australian national certificates

**The Windeward Bound Trust holds anti-discrimination exemption number 03/069

A full position description and instructions on how to apply are available at Please note that applications close Monday the 12th of October 2015.


Stephanie Katz
Program Development Manager
0438 120 599
Brigantine Windeward Bound
Windeward Bound Needs a Mate!